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Nurture democratic ways!

The Nepal Weekly
November 2, 2021

Editorial – – –

PM Deuba should take the point of nurturing democratic ways of doing politics and governance very seriously while moving forward as Head of Government. He has been trusted with that high and noble responsibility at a very critical time in the history of Nepal’s experience with democracy. The coalition-politics which created the situation for picking him up for the role demands consistent and sincere pursuit of principles of inclusion, accommodation, negotiation and consultation. To keep coalition-politics intact until, at least next parliamentary election, is his duty. He will be scrutinized for this by all interested in values of democracy. Similarly the Prime Minister has to speak and act sensibly in matters of opposition party CPN UML’s continuing challenge to the Speaker of House of Representatives, and questions raised by justices and lawyers demanding resignation of the Chief Justice for cleaning the image of the judiciary. Since both issues are directly related to core values of separation of power and both could not be left out unattended, the PM cannot remain silent or indifferent towards them. All local municipalities in Nepal are completing their tenure early next year and fresh elections should be held on time fairly and freely. In one year the federal parliament will also complete its tenure and polls for the same should be held on time. The PM should create a political situation in which the polls could be held in time. Any excuse in this regard could not be tolerated because history has taught Nepal disastrous consequences of not having elected office bearers in representative bodies. Acting promptly to respond to natural disasters is another area which demands attention of the PM. The disasters are more or less related to consequences of climate change and Nepal alone cannot tackle them. International cooperation should be sought extensively to minimize the impact of disasters in the country, continue development works in a focused way and facilitate the economy to grow. The PM has to play an instrumental role in ensuring international cooperation for mitigating the risk and consequences of the disasters and rendering development works sustainable in the real sense. All the issues mentioned above should be addressed in democratic ways. Should any misunderstanding or confusion crop up in this regard, the PM has to respond to it promptly and in a democratic way.