May 20, 2022, Friday
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32 Nepalese rescued from Afghanistan

The Nepal Weekly
November 2, 2021

Nepal government on Sunday rescued additional 32 Nepalese nationals from the crisis hit Afghanistan. With this the total number of Nepalese rescued from Afghanistan afterTaliban control over Kabul has reached 940, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

Those rescued from Kabul Airport on Sunday include Nepalese nationals who had gone to Afghanistan under the pretext of seeking different jobs without acquiring formal work permits. Now most of the Nepalese nationals stranded in Afghanistan have been rescued, the Ministry said. Only those Nepalese who are deputed in the UN offices in Afghanistan are left to be brought back, adds the ministry.

Only those Nepalese who are involved in essential humanitarian and development works are staying in Afghanistan at present, the Foreign Ministry said. As Nepal doesn’t have a diplomatic mission in Afghanistan the government safely evacuated and rescue nearly one thousand Nepalese nationals from Afghanistan in the recent time, in coordination and cooperation with various friendly countries including India, Germany and USA, according to the Foreign Ministry.