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How to handle energy deficiency, manage stress ?

The Nepal Weekly
October 26, 2021

By Shirish B. Pradhan

It is not enough to have muscle power and physical health to lead a successful life. Sound mental health and life energy or Prana shakti are required for a person to lead a successful life free from tension and internal conflict. We are the way we think, we feel and we respond to. Most of us are habituated to living with so much tension, stress and negativity in the society which we call modern and civilized lifestyle. Despite having enough physical capability and strength sometimes we feel very low in energy, enthusiasm and dullness. These are the symptoms of energy deficit people. The way we act, think, feel and respond to a particular situation in our daily life determines our psychic or spiritual energy, which needs to be kept always high. With our each and every thought and action we either have energy deficit or energy surplus. Thus, we need to act or think in such a way that helps to maintain our energy balance or avoid a situation in which we confront lack of energy.

Feelings such as anger, hatred, jealousy, conflict, revenge, unnecessary competition lead to energy deficiency and feelings such as love, kindness, cooperation, compassion, forgiveness, good wishes lead to energy surplus. We need to be aware of our emotions the moment we feel angry, hatred or jealous towards others so that these negative feelings spontaneously subside and our energy do not get wasted. We can increase our positive vibration by being kind and affectionate towards other human beings or animals or birds. If we are thinking to take revenge to someone who have hurt us it will further diminish our energy. Instead of that if we forgive them thinking that everybody can make mistakes sometimes, then the negative vibration doesn’t arise.

There are some clues on how to overcome energy deficit immediately and increase positive vibration. Please try this:

Listening to music,

•  Singing or listening to devotional songs,

•  Meditation and practicing mindfulness,

•  Enjoying natural scenario,

•  Playing with pet animals,

•  Playing with children,

•  Donating or feeding poor people,

•  Going to a temple and offering prayers,

•  Appreciating other people for their good works,

•  Practicing Pranayam or rhythmic breathing,

•  Taking some deep breaths,

•  Gardening, watering plants etc.,

•  Dancing, singing, doing some creative works,

•  Service to others,

•  Using polite words towards other people,

•  Do not do these things, as they may cause you energy deficit:

•  Backbiting other people,

•  Making negative comments,

•  Pinpointing others’ mistakes,

•  Unnecessary gossiping,

•  Thinking or planning to do something harm to others,

•  Thinking about past bad incidents over and over again,

•  Memorising our past  mistakes and weaknesses again and again,

•  Watching violent movies,

•  Watching too much TV serials and identifying ourselves with some characters shown in the serials,

•  Scolding, abusing or using harsh wards to others.

We must mentally thank mother Earth, Water, Sun, Moon, Sky for providing this beautiful life and wonderful support for our living. We must show sympathy towards other animals, birds, humans and environment for providing us a living atmosphere and all kinds of materials and help that make our life so beautiful, peaceful and worth living. There are various mantras in the Vedas, including Shanti Mantra, in which we pray for natural forces such as Earth, Sun, Moon, Sky, Air, Water etc. Let’s pray daily for these natural or divine forces for their valuable contributions in our life. That will also help keep our vibrations positive.

We need to recharge our batter-like body-mind complex everyday through positive thought and the feelings of love, affection, kindness and compassion.

“Compassion is reciprocal. Why ? Because if you treat others compassionately with the understanding that they have the same desire for happiness and the same desire to avoid suffering that you do – then people around you feel a sense of attraction, a sense of desire to help you as much as you help them,” writes renowned Buddhist meditation practitioner and teacher Yongey Mingyur Rimpoche in his book titled The Joy of Living. “The more open hearted you become towards others, the more openhearted they become towards you.”

Mingyur Rimpoche has listed four statements of loving kindness and compassion, on which one can meditate while practicing compassion meditation. They are:

•    May all sentient beings have happiness and the cause of happiness.

•    May all sentient beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

•    May al sentient beings have joy and the causes of joy.

•    May all sentient beings remain in great equanimity and free from aversion.

There are basically two kinds of meditation : Awareness meditation or observing silence and being witness to thoughts and emotions, and analytical meditation or contemplating on ideas. The above statements are useful for contemplation while practicing meditation.

Research works have also been carried out on the impacts of these kinds of meditation practices.

Practicing loving kindness and compassion towards others is much more beneficial for people, who want lasting peace and success in life. Meditation on compassion, during an experiment, produced a profound increase in what are often called to as gamma waves, which are symptoms of happiness and joy, according to Mingyur Rimpoche.

There are at least three benefits as pointed out by Rimpoche based on experiments conducted by him with the assistance of renowned neuro-scientist Richard Davidson and Prof. Antoine Lutz:

– Increase in happiness index by 700 to 800 times.

– creation of new neuronal pathways in our brain that increases communication between different areas of the brain, leading to “whole brain functioning” as referred by some scientists,

– Increase in pliability of the brain, or overall transformation of the brain.

According to neuro-scientists, positive emotions such as happiness, compassion, curiosity and joy are linked to activity in the left prefrontal lobe of the brain while negative emotions like anger, fear, jealousy and hatred are generated in the right prefrontal lobe. By practicing open mind meditation or meditation without any object and meditation on compassion one can activate the left portion the brain which is responsible for happiness, compassion and creativity. Besides, adequate and sound sleep as well as relaxation of body and mind are also equally important to recharge the life energy. This way we can manage our stress and make our life happy, joyful, creative, compassionate and energetic as well. Taking less spicy, plain vegetarian food will also help increase positive vibrations. As we are aware about the Vedic scriptures that mention about, consuming what is called Sattvic food. Such kinds of food helps in boosting our life energy. Similarly, eating too much meat, fish and alcohol and taking too much spicy foods (what is known as Tamasic food) on the other hand leads to in energy deficiency.