October 5, 2022, Wednesday
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Continuing trust in Oli’s leadership

The Nepal Weekly
October 5, 2021

By TNW Correspondent

With CPN UML renewing confidence in former Prime Minister Oli’s leadership amidst its statute conclave, the party and cadres are now heading for tenth convention and subsequent parliamentary polls. The party has demonstrated its democratic characteristics through the procedures it has pursued in getting reorganized. 

Oli-style politics, although criticized as undemocratic by other parties and leaders, emerged successful in large gathering of the leftists at Godavari, Lalitpur the other day. The party will go to voters in parliamentary polls under the leadership of Oli with target of winning majority support.

Although a number of issues regarding single leader-centric approach, factionalism, favouritism and nepotism in party remain unanswered, the party has shown its strength and organizational skills through the statute convention.

Dissenters, it was reported, got opportunities to air their differences in the gathering. They were heard, too. But they could not get prompt responses and opportunities in various wings and functional roles of the party. What sort of impact it will have on the popularity of the party during poll-times cannot, however, be predicted at the moment, said a senior cadre of the party.

What CPN UML has done so far in revealing strength and re-organizing capability is significant, said a political analyst. It puts pressure on other parties particularly the leftist ones – CPN Socialist and the Maoist Centre. If the latter could not re-organize themselves competitively, in style, strength and support, there are chances that their parties will witness members moving back to CPN UML, noted a leftist leader in Kathmandu the other day. According to one observer, Oli was prepared for reorganizing the CPN UML more than a year ago when he felt his competitors were creating one obstacle or the other in his functioning as a leader with two-third majority support in parliament. He wants to establish the point that his party could exist without some of its old hand leaders.