October 5, 2022, Wednesday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Leaders focus on polls

The Nepal Weekly
October 5, 2021

Editorial |

It is encouraging to see big political parties having their conventions in different ways to get their organizations internally managed in a democratic way. Their current focus is on polls and top leaders intend to get fresh majority for enjoying Singhadurbar-power for five years. The same is true with the opposition party CPN UML, ruling coalition – Nepali Congress, Maoist Centre, CPN Socialist, NSP and LSP- Rastriya Prajatantra Party, and others. Reading the way the conventions are being planned and organized, it could be safely predicted that old hand leaders will emerge as leading figures once again. New generation leaders appear too feeble to make their presence felt in the leadership positions. The point suggests that the country will have to continue with old-hand-political tone and style in leadership for the next decade. Although in private and in public conversation, youth-politicos complain against leaders such as PM Deuba, former PMs – Oli, Prachanda, Madhav Nepal, and others, they appear not able to press for change. Various features not helpful for developing political parties along dynamic democratic ways appear as great obstacles. Some of them are factionalism, favouratism in party-affairs, non-transparency and gap between rhetoric and practice. Old time leaders are applying the same for getting their leadership re-endorsed by party conventions this time. New generation leaders appear simply unable to challenge the trend. In the cases they have tried to do so, they have been set aside and rendered disabled politically by old leaders. Any political party, when elected for power, should aim at providing good governance, delivering public services smoothly, consolidating public trust and strengthening internal system of the party. Should the party fail to do so it will not be able to contribute to the cause of democracy and multi-party system. This should be taken into consideration as cadres of political parties go on organizing the party conventions, getting leaders elected or re-elected and having party-policies formulated. Cadres should understand: if this is not done the conventions will not be more than formal occasions for renewing old leaders’ leadership credentials. Parties’ preparedness for polls and performance, will also be adversely affected by this.