October 5, 2022, Wednesday
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Opt for small working cabinet

The Nepal Weekly
September 28, 2021


Prime Minister Deuba and the ruling coalition leaders had better opt for a small working cabinet for making government performance effective. Since none of the top leaders is in a position of managing the ministerial aspirations of their close supporters, they should abandon the policy of pleasing cadre through offer of a seat in the cabinet. The room for increasing number of ministers in federal government is limited through constitutional provision. Moreover, it is not good politics to pursue a strategy of ensuring continued cooperation in the party through offer of ministerial posts. Political morality also demands the culture of sense of service and attachment to party-values on the part of followers of the parties concerned. They should not be guided by the commercial give and take attitude in the politics they adopt. Senior leaders should by now have learnt how difficult it is for them to retain leadership in the party and protect party unity on the basis of offering catchy or lucrative posts in government. A better way of continuing leadership and contributing to the party unity is to initiate a culture in politics in which factors such as service matter and the sense of commitment to the values that the parties concerned uphold carries high significance. The prevailing modality of buying support through offer of one sort or the other is unproductive in the long run. The vulnerability that senior-most leaders in the ruling coalition are facing today should be taken as a wake-up call for service-centric politics. As they go on re-organizing their parties in the context of the next election they should make provision for such politics. If they do not do so it will be an uphill task for them to manage the aspirations of their supporters inside the party. It is time for restoring the high values of politics, the sense of service and dedication through politics in the country. Such values and sense would help Nepal develop a culture of politics that is helpful for serving the broad cause of the people and the country besides producing a new momentum for development in areas of politics, economy, society and culture. The same would be instrumental in restoring people’s faith in politics, political parties and their leaders. The same would be helpful in expediting the process of socio-economic development of the country.