October 3, 2022, Monday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Mountain flights resume

The Nepal Weekly
September 28, 2021

Mountain flights that were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic for the past few months have been resumed recently. With a view to providing close view of mountains including the Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, Nepali airline companies have been operating mountain flights for tourists as well as domestic visitors.

Buddha Air and Yeti Airlines are the two pioneer airlines providing mountain flights for tourists in Nepal. As the cases of Covid – 19 has declined in the recent time Buddha Air operated two mountain flights last week. Similarly, Yeti Airlines started operating mountain flights from Sunday, according to a marketing staff of the airlines. Buddha Air is operating mountain flights every Saturday, according to Rupesh Joshi, marketing manager of the airways. Mountain flights are popular among tourists as well as domestic visitors. Last Saturday 30 Indian tourists enjoyed mountain flights on board the Buddha Airways aircraft, he added.

The airlines started operating mountain flights as the weather has become clear at this time. Many tourists visit the country during September-October, which is also known as the tourist season in Nepal and a number of festivals including Indrajatra,  Dashain, Deepawali and Chhath occur in this period. During the mountain flight, passengers can closely observe about two dozen major peaks, including Mt. Everest.