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Salt Trading completes 58 years of service to the people

The Nepal Weekly
September 28, 2021

Salt Trading Corporation was established under public private partnership on Bhadra 27, 2020 B.S. Now the corporation has completed 58 years of service to the general public. Then King Mahendra took the initiative to establish STC with a view to making smooth supply and distribution of salt across the country. The STC’s 78.74 percent share is owned by the general public while remaining 21.6 percent share is divided between government owned Food Management and Trading Company Ltd. and Commerce, Supplies and Consumers’ Protection Department.

In its 58 year long journey STC has maintained quality in production, uniformity in price and ensuring availability of essential goods till now as per its objective passing through ups and downs and facing different challenges. Though the corporation was established with the sole objective of supplying salt to the Nepalese consumers, in the course of time it has run various industries such as floor mill, vegetable ghee, Gorakhkali Rubber Industry, Butwal Spinning Mills, Morang Sugar Mill, National Finance Ltd., Sagarmatha Insurance etc. involving itself in trade diversification besides making available iodized salt to the general public. Although some industries such as Butawal Spinning Mill and Gorakhkali Rubber Industry have been shut down at present, Metro Gas, Upahar Housing, Himalaya Packaging, sugar and salt at subsidized rates, chemical fertilizer and food-grains are some of the successful businesses being run by the corporation at the recent time. Trading in salt had taken the organization to a new height, opines Brajesh Jha, Departmental Manager of the corporation.

Focusing its attention on trade diversification and making available essential commodities, the STC has started Khadya Udyog Ltd. as its first industry. This industry has not only provide employment to many Nepalese job seekers but it has also provided quality domestic produces to the Nepali customers. The main objective of the corporation is marketization of wheat produced within the country and to promote domestic industries by producing plain floor, whole wheat floor, suji and chokar throughwheat processing. At one time the STC had provided service to the consumers by establishing Nepal Vanaspati Ghee Udyog, as the first vegetable ghee industry of Nepal, which produces two main brands Shanti and Grihini. Although the industry is not in operation currently, there is a plan to re-operate the industry in the near future with a view to producing mustard oil, according to STC management.

The corporation is currently supplying lentils, rice, sugar, salt, beans, cement subsidized chemical fertilizer etc. to the Nepali customers. Besides this, the corporation is also selling non-subsidized fertilizers like single super phosphate and ammonia sulphate to the farmers. The corporation has been successful in leaving its good impression through the supplying STC brand LP Metro Gas. The company is supplying 2 lakh cylinders of cooking gas on monthly making the annual transaction exceeding Rs. 60 crore.

Nepal was suffering from iodine deficiency during 1950s resulting in health problems in a large number of population. According to reports published by WHO and UNICEF iodine deficiency was prevalent in 55 percent of the population in the country. STC assumed a leading role in fighting against the health problems arising from iodine deficiency. In 1973 Nepal government partnered with government of India in supplying iodized salt across the country to resolve this problem. During a study conducted in 2016 it was revealed that health related problems due to the deficiency was eradicated in the country. At present STC has been successful in catering to the needs of three crore Nepalese people by supplying iodized salt and other essential commodities through its 93 branch offices and 600 dealers. We feel proud to be able to play a leading role in one of the major public health related problems of the country, remarks manager Jha. Besides the commercial activities STC is also involved in various social activities under its corporate social responsibility. STC distributes awards to more than two dozen people annually including those involved in child welfare activities and those making outstanding contributions to the society.