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Fashion show in the world’s highest altitude

The Nepal Weekly
September 28, 2021

An international fashion show was organized in the world’s highest altitude on Thursday setting a new Guiness World Records. Altogether 47 people witnessed the Fashion extravaganza making a history on the fastest shrinking glaciers near Gokyo Ri, on the Everest Region at an altitude of 5,500 metre. The Fashion Show organized organized by Kasa on September 23 broke its own earlier record of 5,340 metre, set in January 2020, according to the organizers.

Fashion designer from Nepal Ramila Nemkul, 40, had designed the show while mentor of the show was fashion analyst Pankaj K. Gupta, 40, from India.

Kasa has also launched the Buddhist Fashion Line’ in the same platform. This was the first time any designer launched the fashion extravaganza following the Buddha’s principle of non-violence, Ahimsa Paramo Dharma. On the occasion Italian Prince of Tuscany Cosimo De Medici walked in the silk attire made in non-violent process. No harm was done to the silk worm to produce such a silk product. The Italian prince came all the way to Kathmandu to promote Nepal as the sustainable fashion capital of the world, according to the organizers. THe show was also organized in partnership with the International Sericulture COmmission, an organization of 21 countries including Nepal.

The Crowning ceremony was conducted by gemologist Riten Maharjan, chief of Diamond Jewelers of Kathmandu. He has also presented a crown made of Nepali stone called Kyanite.

Fourteen supermodels from Finland, Italy, Poland, UK, Germany and Nepal took part in the show. All the models including Prince of Tuscany embarked trek from Lukla on September 12 and reached the venue on September 22. After creating history by organizing the show on September 23 the team is now returning back to Lukla. They are planning to organize a press meet in Kathmandu’s five star hotel on October 1.

Designer Ramila had researched over two year’s period to discover the fabric and sign an official partnership with the International Sericulture Commission to make the show possible. The event was held by welcoming the Sherpas as the Mt. Everest fashion runway group was the first group to visit the Everest region after the pandemic. Everest summiteer Kancha Sherpa appreciated the initiative taken by the organizers. He said such type of program will help in reviving tourism in the Khumbu region. Kancha Sherpa had met Mentor Gupta and handed over his first book as best wishes for the record-breaking show.