October 5, 2022, Wednesday
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Problems of parties challenge implementation of constitution

The Nepal Weekly
September 21, 2021

By TNW correspondent

The internal problems of political parties – ruling or opposition – have played key role in challenging the implementation of the constitution. The same have rendered political leaders inefficient in practicing the provisions made in the constitution.

Several politicos expressed the views similar to the ones paraphrased above as they participated in events organized to celebrate the seventh constitution day the other day in Kathmandu. “Do not blame the constitution and its provisions for the political mess in the country at the moment. Take blame yourself for not being able to manage internal politics in the party,” they emphasized.

The political mess they mentioned in their observation refers to the failure of government to get the budget passed in time, shape council of ministry properly,  inability of parliament to run its scheduled session, and increased dependence of politicos on the court for settling political differences. “Had leaders been able to manage the internal affairs of the parties well, such problems would not have appeared,” they argued.

Some pointed out “if there are any defects in the constitution they could be amended through a process accepted in democracies; if there are any grievances from the people against the constitution, they could also be addressed well through provisions related to amendment.” A senior politico remarked “ it is not proper to blame constitution for politicos’ failure.’

All political workers have in recent times been highly oriented towards power and money. Leaders cannot hold them together if they cannot offer them either one of them. The situation has so deteriorated that top leaders have publicly expressed fear that their cadres will leave them the moment they cannot offer power or money. The situation could not be termed healthy, a senior parliamentarian observed underlining the need to engage cadre through the ideology and sense of service to the people. Unless values bind the party cadre, the organizational structure of parties become weaker day by day, he noted.