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Leaders’ duty towards party politics

The Nepal Weekly
September 14, 2021

By TNW correspondent

Leaders of political parties appear to have forgotten their duty towards parliamentary values and fair politics. Because of this a number of disruptions are taking place in the floor of the parliament and outside it, say observers.

Civil society, media and other professional organizations appear not happy over this. But they appear not able to pressurize politicos on this count. This indirectly motivates leaders to go their own self-directed way.

Big parties and their leaders have a responsibility towards enhancing people’s trust in multiparty politics and parliamentary democracy. If they do not care for this people will get frustrated over the democratic set up the present constitution envisions.

Leaders usually talk of democratic values and their importance in the country when they do not have power. While they get power they begin acting differently. Even a democratic government led by Prime Minister Deuba has indicated the same trend. Former PM Oli who used to talk in one way while in Singha Durbar has started talking differently while in opposition.

Other leaders have also demonstrated the same trend over the past years. That is why Nepal has not yet been able to institutionalize ruling party’s code and opposition party’s code. The sense of respect for each other is a value that party leaders should nourish whether in power or in opposition, said a senior parliamentarian.

In the name of politics for the self-interest of parties concerned, leaders pursue the path of hate speech and degradation of fellow politicos’ image. Instead of working hard for building own image, they usually seek to harm the image of other party leaders. This will not be in the interest of multi-party politics. Because of the above trends the government of the day cannot function properly. Similarly opposition party also looks highly revengeful for losing power. Both trends cannot be appreciated, said an observer.