July 3, 2022, Sunday
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Govt. rescues 906 Nepalese from Afghanistan

The Nepal Weekly
September 14, 2021

Nepal government has rescued more than 900 Nepalese nationals working in different institutions from Afghanistan after Kabul came under the reign of Talibans. So far, 906 Nepalese nationals have been rescued from the crisis hit Afghanistan since last last month, according to a Foreign Ministry statement.

On Wednesday 32 Nepalese nationals arrived in Kathmandu from Afghanistan on board a Qatar Airways aircraft, according to a statement issued by Foreign Ministry. Similarly, on Thursday, additional 11 Nepalese nationals were evacuated from Kabul. Nepal government has been coordinating with different organizations and diplomatic agencies for rescuing Nepalese nationals who had been stranded in Afghanistan after the Talibans captured Kabul. The government has formed a taskforce consisting of officials from Foreign Ministry, Home Ministry and security agencies for the purpose of rescuing Nepalese nationals from Afghanistan. Those who reached Kathmandu from Kabul through different air routes have been sheltered in a holding centre in Kathmandu for conducting covid test before sending them to their homes.