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Focus on performance!

The Nepal Weekly
September 7, 2021

Editorial |

That Deuba-government has not been able to focus on performance for nearly two months because of internal problems of the parties which constituted it is frustrating for those who would like to see new government facilitating delivery of public services in the country. Senior political leaders’ inability to suggest ministers for completion of cabinet-formation due to the ambitions of various leaders in the party is disappointing for all multi-partyists. Politics should have been pursued for the sake of service to the people and it should not have been adopted for fulfilling self-agenda of power and money. It appears nobody cares about it these days. There is no environment to advocate this. Since it is difficult to accommodate many in the Council of Ministers because of the constitutional provision in this regard, leaders will have to accept the reality of not being selected for the position in the government. They should not politicize the issue of not being picked up for government as very serious and they should not strategize it for supporting or opposing the party-leadership. If this is not done political parties will not be able to function properly and may go dysfunctional in times of need. Nepal looks to have reached the point. The battle for being included in the government as seen in provinces also indicates the same. Prime Minister Deuba should also prove his leadership decisive and not make the government too dependent on the advice of leaders of political alliance. Respecting the alliance is what could be understood well while being dictated by the same is in governmental duties is something that could not be comprehended. The country at the moment is in a sort of crisis triggered by weather conditions and accompanying flood, landslides and the disruptions and infodemics related to the COVID 19. They have created multiplier effects on socio-economic pursuits of common people in the country. Overcoming the consequences of all these demands focus on government performance. That is why PM Deuba should come forward to make the government not only functional but look like functional. Failure to do so would create further public distrust in government which could be disastrous in the long run. The fresh parliament session which begins soon would, in the meanwhile, it is hoped, put adequate pressure on the government to function properly as per the expectations of the people.