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Politics towards new direction

The Nepal Weekly
September 7, 2021

By TNW correspondent
With Madhav Nepal consolidating his leadership in newly formed party – NCP Unified Socialist- at federal and provincial levels, the gate is now open for filling up vacant positions in Deuba – Council of Ministers, say sources close to ruling political alliance.
Nepali politics will, therefore, take a new direction this week as the Ministry will have more ministers and preparation for the new parliament session is intensified. The initial opening of Nepali Congress’ 14th convention through ward level elections has also motivated the politics to move in a fresh direction.
Leaders of the coalition government are learnt to have finalized the fresh list of ministers to be included in Deuba Ministry this week. The list, according to reliable sources, has been worked out by senior leaders keeping in view the general elections and party scenario in seven provinces.
But the talk of picking up new faces, young faces and hitherto deprived politicos for the ministerial positions will not be translated into action. Most new ministers will be old tried hands, informed an observer close to the ruling alliance.
The government, which has been criticized by most as not decisive in the initial two months, will pick up speed after new ministers take charge of ministries. Senior leader Madhav Nepal of newly formed CPN unified Socialist will, of course, have key ministries, informed the source. Both NC and Maoist Centre and other alliance members appear to have agreed to this. The new party under Nepal is gathering more support from the CPN UML, said a member of the party, pointing out the impressive figure of provincial members opting for the Unified Socialist.
Whatever the ruling coalition parties are doing at the moment is inspired by the fact that they should show unified face until the next elections at three levels. The polls are due in a year and a half. That is why leaders’ political strategy today is to keep power, maintain alliance and get the party ready for the elections.
The opposition party CPN UML led by former PM Oli is also preparing for election challenging the present government, ruling political alliance and others. Small parties including those who thought of providing alternative politics are in the meanwhile seeking ways to save face before the next election. Troubled by internal squabbles they have not yet been able to hold their annual convention, a constitutional must for political parties.