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Nepal Telecom denies reports about telephone tapping

The Nepal Weekly
September 7, 2021

Nepal Telecom, the state owned telecommunication authority, has denied media reports that the telecom has tapped telephone conversation of its customers. There is no truth in the news report appeared in a section of media that Nepal Telecom tapped telephone conversation of its customers, clarified Rajesh Joshi, spokesperson of the Nepal Telecom in a press conference here on Monday.
We are very much surprised to hear such a false news, he added.
According to Joshi Nepal Telecom does neither possess the equipment for telephone tapping neither does it have any such law. As a government organization NT can only perform those acts, which are prescribed by the law, he made it clear.
Tapping the telephone conversation doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the company, he added.
We are committed to the welfare and interest of our customers, he made further clear. He also informed that Nepal Telecom is currently planning to operate Five-G service at four places across the country. We are in the stage of fully implementing Four-G as soon as the task is accomplished we will go for Five G, remarked Joshi.
Managing Director of NT Dilliram Adhikari said that Nepal Telecom has emphasized on providing services in the remote areas as making a profit is not the only goal of the company and providing service to the people is equally important for it. Nepal Telecom currently covers 70.40 percent of all types of telephone services in the country and its Internet coverage across Nepal is 68.26 percent. At present NT is providing services to 20.40 million mobile telephone users and equal number of Internet users.
Nepal government owns 92 percent share of the Nepal Telecom and the general public and its staff own the rest 8 percent shares.