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Unity- talk amidst splitting trends

The Nepal Weekly
August 25, 2021

By TNW correspondent

A narrative emphasizing unity among like-minded political parties and leaders particularly among the leftist fronts is engaging politicos in the country these days. The talk ranges from establishing a socialist centre for accommodating all communist parties under one umbrella to initiating a broad alliance with political parties for the sake of the election.

The new narrative does not show any new young faces for leading the fresh initiatives. It seeks to develop new political organizations under the old known leaders. This point motivates the observers to say that the narrative is just the old leaders’ tactics to make themselves relevant in new emerging political realities of Nepal.

Some senior politicos interpret the narrative differently. They say ‘ it is an attempt to engage leftists disturbed by the split of the CPN UML. It provides them some sort of relief and hope for leftist politics in the country after the split.’

Others take the narrative as an effort to distance parties with words such as Communist and Maoist and dress parties under the vocabulary of socialism. Although the narrative has not yet been expanded throughout the country it has already been the talk of the town in the capital city Valley.

Those in the CPN UML who are still trying for unity between factions led by former PMs Oli and Nepal are also taking the narrative seriously. Should they fail to unite their own party, they could in the long run try to unite the leftist-ideology parties, observed a political commentator. If youths could champion and lead the movement towards socialist centre they would be able to provide an alternative political grouping in the country which will ultimately be a challenge to the old parties, said a parliamentarian.