July 3, 2022, Sunday
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Finance Minister for more relief package

The Nepal Weekly
August 25, 2021

By TNW correspondent

Finance Minister Janardan Sharma is for more relief package for the people hit hard by Covid disruptions. The minister, in an attempt to re-generate economic activities in the country, is working out a scheme which will address the need of marginalized people and workers of informal sector.

Sources said that the minister is interested in making the stock exchange activities also relevant to small savers and players. Currently the market engages many and benefits mainly very few. ‘Measures will be undertaken for extending stock exchange benefits to small share holders.’

Finance ministry is also interested in making the best use of huge number of account holders of the bank. The number of bank account holders in the country stands at over 3 crore. ‘The figure indicates people’s access to the financial sectors and the same should be utilized for the sake of productivity and entrepreneurship.’ Although the account holders are mainly located in accessible places such as cities and market areas, their access to various financial packages are currently limited. The same would be extended through some financial schemes. The minister has also emphasized the need to make financial sectors available in rural areas as well. Efforts for the same would also be made, informed a source. All such efforts will be part of the scheme that the ministry is considering at present in the context of finalizing the fresh version of the ordinance budget that the new minister inherited from the past government.