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Political parties suffer from leaders’ self-interest

The Nepal Weekly
August 17, 2021

By TNW correspondent

All political parties – small or big- functioning in Nepal at present suffer a lot from the self-interest of their political leaders. The same problem affects adversely the growth and development of political party culture.

The view was expressed by senior politicos on Monday while analyzing why PM Deuba failed to have a full ministry in over a month after being elected to the high office through the majority support of parliament members. The PM has also not been able to clarify the direction towards which he is heading.

Senior leaders in the political parties always want to secure their highhandedness in the party for life-time ignoring the values such as internal democracy of the party, constitutional provisions, rules and regulations related to party and aspirations of party-cadre.

As a result of this, leaders are popular, always in the news all the time while the structure of political parties always looks feeble and incapable to cope with the demand of time and circumstances. Parties, it might be recalled, do not get operated through a system as envisioned by the directives of their conventions.

Leading political parties Nepali Congress, CPN UML, Maoist Centre, Madhesh parties and others – new and old always find organizing regular conventions and consultations with cadre very difficult and uphill task. They try to evade such meetings with one excuse or the other.

Observers say getting conventions organized in time should have been the must for all. But leaders cannot adopt the practice fearing they might lose the grip in the party. They are ready for organizing conventions only when they manage to secure their leadership for future. Youths understand the problem but cannot do anything to stop the trend. ‘Herein lies the difficult challenge’ said  a former parliamentarian. Will the youths of any party  this time come forward and show courage to change the trend, the politician wondered.