July 3, 2022, Sunday
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Govt. takes immediate measures for evacuation of Nepalese residing in crisis hit Afghanistan

The Nepal Weekly
August 17, 2021

Nepal government has decided to take immediate steps to evacuate Nepali nationals residing in Afghanistan, hit by political crisis as Talibans took control over Kabul in the recent bloodless coup.

Considering the recent political developments in Afghanistan and Taliban revolt, a cabinet meeting held Monday morning took a decision to this effect, according to Government’s spokesperson Gyanendra Bahadur Karki. “The cabinet meeting also directed the authorities formed for evacuation of Nepalis to work in coordination with concerned bodies.”

Similarly, the government has already asked all Nepali nationals currently living in Afghanistan to come to the contact with Nepal government.

Those living in Afghanistan and wanting to return home can now register their name and provide other relevant details in the official website of the Department of Consular, reads a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The MoFA has publicized various ways to contact them including viber and WhatsApp for the rescue of Nepali nationals.

The government earlier on Sunday formed a task force involving officials from Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Home, Labour and Employment, Tourism and Civil Aviation as well as Nepal Police for conducting rescue operations by coordinating with various agencies. The Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi has already issued a travel advisory not to make any travel to Afghanistan as Taliban rebels have already captured Kabul and all major cities there. The Foreign Ministry has asked manpower agencies sending Nepali nationals to Afghanistan for work to provide reliable data of Nepali nationals in Kabul to facilitate their safe return home.