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KU to start BTech and MTech in AI

The Nepal Weekly
August 12, 2021

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Kathmandu
University has launched the two new programs – Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence (BTech in AI) and Master of Technology in Artificial Intelligence (MTech in AI) starting from the September 2021
intake, KU mentioned in its press release. The move corresponds to the growing need of AI specialists and knowledge in the context of budding AI problems and industries both locally and worldwide.

The launch of the Programs is first of its kind in Nepal by Kathmandu University.
Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence (BTech in AI) program is intended to provide a comprehensive knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to undergraduate students with the help of adequate practical training. This program also nurtures students with the help of project-based learning and provides real-world experiences to them via an internship program. BTech in AI graduates can apply AI techniques and methods in companies and institutions with large amounts of data to implement data-driven decision making. They can therefore operate in the various data analysis phases and build automatic and efficient machine-learning systems. The program begins with introductory courses in Programming, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics to build a firm technical foundation. Later, the students will learn core AI concepts and techniques including state-space search, game-playing, Machine Learning, Neural networks, Computer vision, Language Understanding, and more complex subjects. Hence, this program is different in its inception from Science and/or Engineering and thus is a
blend of the two. This program is not registered under the Nepal Engineering Council thereby
allowing flexibility in the offering of specialization related courses right from the First Year as
practiced in reputed universities worldwide.

Master of Technology in Artificial Intelligence (MTech in AI) program is intended to impart the body of skills, knowledge and practices associated with the study of advanced computation, data science and AI, which will help to create new opportunities locally as well as globally. Specifically, three main thematic topics will be covered, viz., Neural Networks, Fuzzy system, Evolutionary Computation which form the
backbone of intelligent systems. The curriculum includes multidisciplinary content covering Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Big Data Analytics, Information Retrieval, Fuzzy Systems and Evolutionary Computation. We will have opportunities to undertake practical projects, applying the learning to real-life problems prevalent in the domains like business, finance, security, industry control, engineering etc.