July 3, 2022, Sunday
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Nurturing coalition – politics

The Nepal Weekly
August 10, 2021

Prime Minister Deuba, who is not politically trained for nurturing coalition-politics, has to bear the responsibility of steering coalition-government for the next eighteen months. Although it is a great challenge, the supreme leader of Nepali Congress could well face it and produce positive results. A few guidelines from dedicated leaders of the past in Nepal such as B.P.Koirala, Ganesh Man Singh, Pushpa Lall Shrestha and Madan Bhandari would be very helpful for him as he moves forward. He should adopt some features of statesman to perform the job. For this he should behave as a leader above power politics of a political party. As he has the great task of strengthening the present constitution and various provisions envisioned by it he should be able to mobilize all political parties of the country for realizing the goal. Even those parties which are not happy with some provisions of the constitution should find some space in PM Deuba’s scheme of work for the next year and a half. Deuba should emerge as the real Prime Minister of the country taking care for all dimensions of national and international politics. What the ousted PM –  K.P. Oli – could not do with near two third majority in parliament for some three years and a half  PM Deuba will have to do in a short period in collaboration with all political parties of the country. A sense of respect for political parties, irrespective of their political ideologies and make-up of leaderships, should be developed. Similarly an atmosphere for holding fair, free and democratic general election in time should be created for letting the people choose the leaders for the next five year period of parliament -2022-2027. He should be very careful in not promoting the trends of unstable politics marked by armchair politicians and propaganda-politics in future for they could create hurdles for the polls. Democratic way of governance and democratic way of transferring power through periodic poll should actually be the road-map for Deuba. His seasoned experience of politics should facilitate him to perform the task. It is for the same reason that he has to nurture coalition politics carefully.