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Preparing for parliamentary polls

The Nepal Weekly
August 10, 2021

By TNW correspondent

Political parties appear compelled to prepare for parliamentary polls in the near future. That is why they are getting their internal party politics prepared for the election and making leaders and cadre ready for going to the people and earning their trust.

The above idea was expressed by senior politicos as they heard the common minimum programme of the coalition government the other day. The document, they said, is an indicator of collaborative politics just prior to the polls.

As for the current state of political parties, they are mostly in disarray but kept intact by leader-centric modality. Big parties with history such as Nepali Congress, CPN UML, Maoist Centre are facing problems in their internal shape and mechanism. Many of them have not organized legally required general convention to elect fresh leadership.

Small parties are also not in a state of order. They are either completely leader-centric or are existing just in a formal sense. Their popular base is too weak. Some political parties which emerged as promising political organizations to give alternative politics as against the old parties and their outdated leaders have not been able to make themselves visible in national politics. Series of divisions among them have made such parties irrelevant in the context of Nepal.

Madhesh parties, despite their multi-faceted divisions, have some features which appear promising for their unity. If old and young leaders could work out a policy of uniting them through political principles the parties could emerge significantly in the next polls. If they remained as divided as they are today they will not emerge as competent political force in national politics.