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‘Honey Scandal’ recurring in my life (2)

The Nepal Weekly
August 10, 2021

By Guna Raj Dhakal

Next day was Saturday. We had a plan to visit and express condolences in the mourning-in observance of Govinda Raj Pokhrel, Former Executive Director of Alternative Energy Promotion Center, whose father had passed away five days before and he was undergoing religious observances in Pashupati. Friends from the renewable energy sector were advised to go visit him together. After having telephonic conversation with the chairpersons and general secretaries of solar, micro hydropower, biogas, biomass, WECAN, solar thermal and companies, I took two spoonful of honey for my breakfast. Then I talked to my journalist friend Raju Shrestha on the phone. Rajuji was also advised to meet at Pashupati. Then I started walking towards Pashupatinath. Soon I felt like I was feeling light dizziness. I blinked my eyes and relaxed for a while. I tried to normalize myself but I was not refreshed. I was feeling something running out emotionally. I went to the toilet and washed my hands. Still I was not feeling fresh. I felt suffocated. When I tried to walk, I turned around. I felt I had low blood sugar and high blood pressure. I did not even dare to drive climbing down the elevator to go to the medical centre to measure my blood pressure. Yet I walked and reached the gate of Guna Colony. There was a taxi in front of the gate. My wife said that she could walk to the nearest medical center for me. I was very embarrassed and said I could do it myself. I found it very difficult to go to KMC Hospital; yet I reached there. I had to be hoisted to climb up the ladder. I was taken straight to the emergency room. I had my blood pressure and heart rate checked. It was only 30 and the heartbeat had almost stopped. The doctor advised to start treatment keeping me directly in the ICU under 72-hour observation. And that was when I finally found out: It was because of the amazing bees!

My friends who had arrived at Pashupati in the afternoon might have been angry as I did not pick up the phone. Dhan Bahadur Gurung and Rajuji, former presidents of the Water and Energy Consultants Association of Nepal (WECAN), tried hard to get in touch. They came to visit the hospital in the evening. That time they had arrived, I was in the ICU feeling unconscious. After having hospitalized for about a week, I was recovered and returned home. For the next two or three years, I broke up with honey. However, I could see my friends taking hot lemon with honey. I could not help myself. Again I was tempted to honey. I also started taking hot lemon with honey.

As the saying goes, ‘I need some excuse to drink …’, it is the argument that even if you do not eat a lot of bees, you can have bees at home. Then I remembered my grandfather’s time. Three months ago, at Padam Dulalji’s hotel in Dhulikhel, Prof. Dr. Prem Sharma’s honeymoon made me forget my grandfather. It was because I decided to eat honey again.

According to Prem Sir, “The honey from a place where no chemical fertilizer has been used has been proven to be a perfect medicine”. So I packed four manas there. I became happy again.

What if the bee honey scandal happened again during the Corona epidemic when there are no beds available in hospitals, or when there is short of oxygen, or ICU? That wave kept recurring to my mind. Suddenly, on the evening of 13th Jestha 2078 BS, while eating dinner, my son told me to eat hot lemon with honey. I did not say no. My son ate hot lemon with organic honey from the same papaya flower juice.

I had eaten honey for my son that time. “If I feel any difficulty, please inform mother.” I told my son. He went to another room with his laptop. After three hours, I woke up. When I got up I started feeling dizziness.

I finally reached the place where Ranjana was sitting. She checked my blood pressure up. It was very low. When I checked my heart rate from the clock, it showed only 50-55. They prepared glucose water. I also had life water.

There was not a plan of going to the hospital in the time of such an epidemic. Ranjana called her aunt’s daughter, Dr. Binita. On Binita’s advice, she recommended to go to the hospital at any cost. Which hospital to go to now and how to go there became a matter of concern. Google search too did not locate a non- Covid hospital. My mind stopped thinking any more. Finally, we decided to go to the nearest hospital, KMC. We were pretty sure it would be a risk to go to a hospital in this Covid pandemic time. But we compromised the risk. We telephoned the ambulance at the hospital, but no one picked up the call. It was raining outside. I had left my car in the garage for repair. Then we decided to to go on the scooter even though it was wet. Ranjana did not try to start. I dared to move forward and put Ranjana behind me and reached the emergency room of KMC Hospital in a daze. The doctor picked me up and put to bed. My heart rate was only 45. The pressure was too low. I could see I was surrounded by the sick of Corona all around. The doctor inserted a needle into my nose and mouth for the PCR test.

Then, I was admitted to the General ICU and underwent treatment having placed between the PCR tested Covid- positive ward and PCR tested non- Covid ward. I felt as if I was standing between the heaven and the hell. Thanks god! My PCR report was negative for Covid and my mind became a little lighter. After the tireless efforts of the team including the doctors and nurses of KMC Hospital, my health condition has improved a lot.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to my family, friends, brothers, sisters, friends and all the well-wishers who wished me good health. Chitragupta has saved me many times in the account of the honey scandal that has been repeated in my life. I am sure that his account has not been settled yet. Though, I am confident that Chitragupta’s account will not be available for a few more years. My fascination with honey, which has embarrassed me time and time again, has now dissipated. Here, too, honey should be eaten in moderation and in moderation! While we were eating, Babita said that she felt dizzy. She also started vomiting. We were terrified for a while. She said that she was fine after having had a rest. However we took her to the hospital. She had her check- up in the OPD. There too nothing was identified as the cause of her illness. Neither we nor the doctor thought it was due to honey. No one ate that honey except me then after. I took it alone the entire session.