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Talpokhara At Rampur Resembling Phewa Lake Attracting Tourists

The Nepal Weekly
August 10, 2021

Talpokhara, a lake at Rampur in Palpa district that resembles the Phewa Lake has become a tourist destination attracting hundreds of tourists.

Concerned authorities and local tourism entrepreneurs have joined hands in restoring the lake and the area where it lies so as to promote tourism.    

Construction of structures and a road leading to the area is attributed to the popularity of the area, said Janak Bhandari, secretary of the Talpokhara Tourism Infrastructure Construction Consumers’ Committee, adding that the lake has added a brick to the development of Rampur.    

Talpokhara has recently been listed in the top 100 destinations for a visit in the country. Of the total Rs 5 million allocated for the development of Talpokhara in the previous fiscal year, 2020/21 by the Department of Tourism, Rs 4.7 million has been received and used in replenishing the water in the lake and constructing a wall with barbed wires, said the Committee.     Similarly, a selfie zone has been constructed on the premises of Jaleshwor Mahadev Temple, said the Committee Chair Sagar Prasad Devkota. “The water in the lake has been replenished despite ongoing COVID-19. If the situation goes normal, we will operate a boat for tourists,” he said.