July 3, 2022, Sunday
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Nepali politics enters a new course

The Nepal Weekly
August 3, 2021

(By TNW correspondent)

With Deuba in PM-Chair and Oli in opposition-leader’s seat, Nepali politics has entered a new rather unprecedented course. Politicos had never thought of a political party with the highest number of Lawmakers occupying the opposition bench.

PM Deuba along with the five-party politicos, who support him, have to be very alert in allowing the parliament complete its five year term. He has to demonstrate how government and parliament should run under the constitution and rule of law; something his predecessor could not do for one reason or the other.

Two leaders with whom Oli could not feel comfortable working in team despite being guided by communist ideology are backing Deuba, a politician pursuing entirely a different ideology –democracy. Will that backing last a year and a half ? This is the question politicos ask seriously.

Senior politicians are saying “we have to observe how the coalition government under Deuba moves forward.” The indicators will be available in a few months.

Organizing own party particularly managing new generation-leaders of the same appears to be the problems biting all senior-most leaders – Deuba, Nepal, Prachanda, Oli and others today. The way they do so is also important. If they allow internal democracy in the party, positive results will emerge. If this could not be done, some sort of indifference among cadres would crop up, say observers.

Political leaders this time should allow their own parties to grow and develop in a democratically organized way. Fresh generation cadres will then have opportunity to show their political skills and leadership. In absence of this, the fresh course charted through Deuba’s premiership in July 2021 will, in substance, not be more than another episode of power politics.