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Focus on governance and parliament!

The Nepal Weekly
August 3, 2021

Editorial |

Prime Minister Deuba gaining the parliamentary vote of confidence in an impressive way on the very first day of court-reinstated parliamentary session should now dedicate himself to the cause of governance and parliament. If he could set a good example of governance and parliamentary practices in the next 18 months the republican constitution will be further strengthened and people will start seeing various positive dimensions of the highest law of the land. The PM Deuba succeeded this time had near two-third majority support in parliament. But he could not utilize it in strengthening his support-base. He failed to use it for focusing on governance or parliamentary practices during his three year-rule. The in-fight in his own party motivated by power ambitions of leaders did not let him concentrate on Prime Ministerial duty. To counter the opposition in his own party, Oli pursued undemocratic ways the climax of which was the second time dissolution of the parliament. As a result, he was ultimately shown the exit by the Supreme Court. Learning lessons from the Oli-rule-era, Deuba should try to respond to COVID-19 crisis, natural disasters and disruptions caused by them besides keeping parliament engaged, informed and active in scrutinizing the government. He should listen to the opposition voice, run government above the partisan interest and pay attention to curb corruption, irregularities and red-tapeism. The five-party support he has behind him could be capitalized in this context for various purposes including responsible delivery of public services, enhancing national interest and expediting development works in the country. What Deuba should avoid is: nonfunctionality in Singha Durbar and undemocratic behavior in parliament. If he has to abandon his Nepali Congress partisan approach in this regard he should do so. The provision through which he has become PM this time demands this much from him. Deuba understands this well and indicated the same as he approached parliamentarians for vote of confidence. Now is the time for him to be able to translate his own expression into practice through shaping Council of Ministers properly and inclusively.