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SC verdict re-saves parliament

The Nepal Weekly
July 13, 2021

Editorial |

The Supreme Court has, in delivering yet another historic verdict on parliament dissolution-case, once again rescued democracy in Nepal and reassured Nepalis that their sovereign right to govern through their representatives cannot be snatched away. The verdict honours the signature of parliamentarians to offer alternative to Oli government explaining the signatories are not obliged to follow party whip in this regard. The House of Representatives could now initiate its business as usual while Nepali Congress

President Sher Bahadur Deuba leads the executive within 24 hours. Members of parliament this time should, however, be careful not to repeat the political scenario that followed earlier SC-verdict-led re-animation of parliament. If they depict indifference towards this, another cycle of dissolving parliament could once again be started. The parliament which started with high hope for political stability three years ago could not meet people’s expectations because of the in-fighting of the ruling party led by PM Oli. The near-two-third majority that the government commanded in the House could not be instrumental in delivering the country’s much expected government-stability. The in-fighting among top leaders turned out to be very dangerous for the survival of democracy in the country which has history of struggling hard to make parliamentary democracy functional in Nepal. The parliament has two more years to complete its five-year term. If politicos use their wisdom for the broad cause of democracy, country and people much could be done in the remaining two years. The government that will replace PM Oli and his ministers should focus not on reacting to what PM Oli did but concentrate on tasks to perform as per the wishes of the people expressed over time publicly. The next government should show in action that it is progressive and would like to respond to present and prepare for the future. It should practically demonstrate that it does not pass time criticizing what was done politically in the past three years. It should also seek to tackle all political problems in the floor of the House and change the mindset of searching solution to political problems in nonpolitical bodies. Replacing a government thanks to the court-verdict is one thing. Making that government functional in the real sense of the term and through respect for democratic institutions and practices is another. Let the political change brought about by the latest reinstatement of the House of Representatives be significantly meaningful!