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Deuba re-enters Singha Durbar as PM

The Nepal Weekly
July 13, 2021

(By TNW Correspondent)

Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba enters Singha Durbar as Prime Minister in 24 hours after the verdict of the Supreme Court. The petition for his Premiership as an alternative to PM Oli signed by 146 lawmakers was honoured by the SC. However, Deuba will have to take vote of confidence in the House of Representatives within 30 days after his appointment.

As per the verdict, President Bhandari will have to accept the claim made earlier by Deuba to replace Oli, appoint him PM and send the notice to this effect to parliament.

Critics forward argument complaining the act of appointment of Prime Minister by court does not suit democracy.

But analysts explain it is not a case of appointing PM, but a case of honouring the signatures of 146 lawmakers backing a PM-candidate. Deuba, who comes from Dadeldhura, Sudoor Paschim (the Far West Province), is not a new face for Singha Durbar. Neither is he an unknown quantity.

He has been PM first in 1995, then he served as PM for three more times in 2001, 2004 and 2017.

This time, however, he has become PM because of political understanding among three leaders Madhav Nepal (along with 23 CPN UML lawmakers), Prachanda (Head of Maoist Centre), and Nepal Samajwadi Party (Upendra Yadav). Deuba will have to lead a coalition ministry of three parties.

The SC verdict could be instrumental in driving Nepali politics towards a more significant phase of implementing the republican constitution.

Whether Deuba as PM will be able to preside over this and all expectations generated after the verdict is to be seen, said a senior politician in Kathmandu. Much will also depend on how CPN UML will handle its unity move and ambitions of its top leaders. The party is in a rather unique position in parliament and country – part of it supporting Deuba and others opposing him.