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Upper Tamakoshi tunnel test successful

The Nepal Weekly
June 29, 2021

The Nepal Weekly | June 29, 2021

Testing of the tunnel of the Upper Tamakoshi Hydroelectricity Project successfully completed on Sunday. The project had started to fill the tunnel on April 29.

The 456 Megawatt national pride project was under construction for the last one decade at Lamabagar of Bigu Rural Municipality of Dolakha district. It is the largest hydroelectricity project developed with domestic investment.

Initially, water was filled in the intake culvert and sedimentation pond and sent to the 8.4 kilometre long main tunnel and 1,165 metre penstock pipe.

Spokesperson of the project Dr. Ganesh Neupane informed that the water was sent to the tunnel and pipe in nine steps. “A small amount of water was sent to the tunnel then stopped for 12 to 48 hours for the monitoring. All the structures and equipment are inspected minutely and thoroughly,” he added.

In the final stage, the tunnel was filled for 48 hours and there was no leakage. After that, the first unit is undergoing the shock test for 24 hours and a team of engineers is inspecting the process.

The Nepal Electricity Authority is connecting the electricity generated from the Upper Tamakoshi Project to the national grid through a 220/132 KV substation at Phulasi of Ramechhap district.

Currently, wire is being installed in four multi-circuit towers to take the energy to the substation.

The NEA has shut down the Khimti-Lamo Sanghu transmission line from Sunday morning to install the wires. The installation of wires will be completed in three days and after conducting other necessary tests, 76 MW electricity generated by the project would be distributed through the national transmission lines. The project has six turbine units with the capacity of 76 MW each. The second unit will come into operation after a week of the commencement of the first unit. All units will start electricity generation by mid-November this year, according to Dr. Neupane.