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Political instability to continue into future

The Nepal Weekly
June 23, 2021

The Nepal Weekly | June 22, 2021

By TNW correspondent

Nepali political sector will have to face uncertainty, and instability for quite some time and the same will hinder the development works in the country, said senior politicos in Kathmandu the other day.

Analyzing the way leaders and their political parties are producing narratives for their politics in the country, they observed: leaders and parties are focused on their own party interest, ego of top political leaders and blaming politicos who oppose them.

“They do not pay any attention to the problems people are facing in the country. Their insensitivity to public problems and the agenda of common people in the country is increasing day by day as they intensify their political programmes focusing on capturing power.

Politicos of the left have failed to perform even though they got near two third majority in the parliament. They are now divided into various sections. Although they have worked out some joint political programmes they have not been able to energize them and make them work effectively.

The opposition alliance which is currently ruling Gandaki province has already suffered from the individual party interest that some politicos have evinced. Although they appear united at the centre against the government, they have not shown any sort of commitment to joint movement as pledged prior to their joining the Gandaki province government.

The same story could be repeated in other six provinces, noted one senior analyst. The federal government, now a caretaker, is already facing series of problems in this regard. The political party that has worked out alliance with Prime Minister Oli has not been able to depict unity in the real sense. All are currently waiting for the verdict of the Supreme Court for reanimation of parliament. The moment it is reanimated opposition political parties may once again fail to produce a functional government from within the parliament, noted one political analyst. “Leaders’ ego would not let that happen.”