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Now for vote of confidence in Parliament

The Nepal Weekly
June 23, 2021

The Nepal Weekly | May 04, 2021

(By TNW correspondent)

PM Oli is learnt to have decided to seek vote of confidence in parliament next week to display his political strength. He appears to have taken a section of Janata Samajwadi Party into confidence for the purpose.

The Prime Minister is legally and technically leading a majority government at the moment.

He is under no obligation to go for vote of confidence.

The Maoist Centre which had supported it right from the beginning has not yet withdrawn its support for the government in practical terms.

That is why some are querying: why is the PM taking this unnecessary step?

Maybe he would like to prepare background of support for the new budget and policies and programmes which should be adopted by the parliament before the commencement of next fiscal year 2021-2022 in just over two months time, said a senior politico in Kathmandu.

According to some analysts the Prime Minister wants to use the parliament time and floor for constructive purposes. For this he needs to show that he has the confidence of the parliament. “PM Oli wants to avoid the opposition leaders’ game plan for not allowing him to do anything through the parliament,” said a former member of the Constituent Assembly.

Even if he fails to obtain vote of confidence, he will be in power for there is not other single party that can form the government in the near future. The move will also enable the PM to go for mid-term poll once again. Observers are watching how those politicos and parliamentarians who pressed for PM Oli’s resignation in recent time would behave in the House of Representatives on the day of taking vote of confidence.

Will there be floor crossing? Or will PM Oli emerge as yet another winner through the move? These questions are being discussed in political sphere. In the meanwhile none could predict about the outcome of the move.