January 26, 2022, Wednesday
Nepal 1:37:26 pm

Govt. introduces quota system to prevent traffic jam in the Everest

The Nepal Weekly
May 4, 2021

Nepal government has introduced new regulations for Everest climbers in view the growing number of
climbers in the mountain after the lockdown is over. As per the new regulations the first expedition
groups receiving permission will get the first chance to climb the mountain.
The new rule was meant for preventing over crowding in the mountain. However, the notice issued by
Deparment of TOurism says that it is meant for proper management of the climbers. The rule says that
first come first ascent policy was introduced that allows certain groups of mountaineers who acquired
permission for climbing will make attempt for summit in the first positive weather window. In the same
manner other groups will be allowed to climb the mountain in other positive weather window.
Expedition organizers are allowed to arrange expeditions of maximum 170 climbers in each positive
weather window through coordination among themselves.
Similarly, any climber who returns from climbing one mountain and wants to make another mountain
need to show covid – 19 negative test report, according to the new rule.