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Five sheaths of misery

The Nepal Weekly
May 4, 2021

When Kaliyug arrived after Parikshit, the grandson of Arjuna, took charge of Hastinapur, King Parikshit

tries to slain the Kaliyug, who took the form of a woman, with his sword. Kali, the woman, begs with the
King for his life saying that she is ready to obey the order of the King and asks for pardon. “I will stay at
the place unmoved where you want meet to keep. Please do not kill me.” (Bhagwat 1.17.38)
Parikshit gives her four places : Dyuta ( Gambling), Madyapan ( Alcohol), Stree sang ( Woman’s
companion) and Hinsa (Violence). Then Kali asks him one more place to live. Parikshit gives him Sworna
(Gold) or Wealth as the fifth place to live. Then Kali resides in these five seaths obeying the orders of
King Parikshit.
In this story, Veda Vyasa, the author of Shrimadbhagwat, tries to warn us that these five things are like
hell, if we indulge in without thinking their consequences. In fact, gambling, drinking, sex, violence and
money are the five things from which we need to detach ourselves, if we are to lead a successful life.
Too much attachment to these five things will bring misery in life. We need to manage these five things
properly. If one can strike a balance while dealing with these five things, then Kaliyuga or misery will
never occur.