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“Project Zero” and “Project One” emotorcycles made in Nepal launched

The Nepal Weekly
May 4, 2021

Yatri Motorcycles has launched the electric motorcycles Project Zero and Project One recently. The
made in Nepal electric motorcycles are now available for reservation.
Project Zero is the first product of Yatri’s vision of reinventing urban mobility. Yatri is a Nepal based
company founded in 2017 which aimed to Design, Engineer and Manufacture world-class electric vehicle
from scratch in Nepal. Project Zero is the first Made in Nepal electric motorcycle/bike. Project Zero has
the market-leading 230 km range along with over-the-air software updates that keep refreshing the
motorcycle over time. Yatri Motorcycles also plans to expand in scalable vehicles from summer 2021 and
into other exciting market segments. The main problem that we face in Nepal is the lack of charging
stations for electric vehicles. But, starting from Summer 2021, Yatri aims to build a strong network of
Yatri Fast Chargers across the nation. As claimed by Yatri, its product will help customers to save up
to NPR 200,000 over five year period on fuel costs alone.
The company claims to have a 230km range with a single charge of 30KW battery. In terms of power,
the bike has 40 horsepower engine. The company had begun research work for the construction of the
bike from 2017 and in 2018, the team went to different places of Nepal to study about vehicles and
The company claims that it is attractively lightweight and safe as it uses carbon fiber rather than metals
used by other companies. Yatri Design Studio will produce 50 motorcycles in the first phase.
P-Zero electric motorcycle gives a riding range of 230 km by a full charge of 2 hours with the battery
capacity 8.0 kWh and P-One gives autonomy of 110 km by a full charge of 2 hours with battery capacity
3.0 kWh.
The stylistic and efficient motorcycles are priced NRs. 495,000 and 194,900 respectively for Project Zero
and Project One.