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Presenting budget in parliament: a challenge

The Nepal Weekly
May 4, 2021

(By TNW correspondent)

Presenting new fiscal year’s budget in parliament is a challenge for the government because of the
possibility of some ruling party members’ preparedness to vote against the whip of their party CPN UML.
More over Prime Minister Oli does not have comfortable relation with the Speaker of the House of
Representatives. The likelihood of opposition politicos’ move against the PM during the budget session
of parliament is great.
All the points indicate that the budget for the next fiscal year will be announced through ordinance, said a
senior politico in Kathmandu. “It will be risky for the PM to face the parliament. Either a vote of no
confidence against PM or a deficit vote for the budget could be the reality in the budget session. Both
could challenge the PM directly.
Escaping such a scenario in the House of Representatives is what is engaging the think tank of
Baluwatar these days, say observers adding “the PM will not be prepared to face the House in such
hostile situation.” PM Oli would once again try to lead the country to polls arguing that the parliament
would not be able to replace him in a comfortable manner.
Talks to this effect are learnt to have been initiated among some party leaders and the PM, say some
senior analysts. The Janata Samajwadi Party, although divided over the issue of supporting or opposing
PM Oli, appears to be closer to joining the government in the near future.
The second wave of COVID-19 could be utilized by the government as an excuse not to have the
parliamentary budget session. In order to avoid the session, the government might introduce some
lockdown measures which will in turn make it not possible to have parliamentary meeting.